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How Insurance Companies Capture Leads Through Interactive Quizzes Using Chatbot

The idea behind a quiz is pretty straightforward; you ask a few questions about an interesting topic and in the end tell the user their score. People might think that besides entertainment and media space what’s the role of such concepts?

But here in this story we will tell you the immense potential of interactive quizzes and how combining it with a chatbot can let businesses derive enormous value from it.

How your business will benefit from online quizzes

Businesses thrive on lead generation and unfortunately, one of the most underestimated ways of capturing lead is conducting an interactive quiz. But wait a minute! We are forgetting one important aspect. People have inherent desire to test their knowledge. Another important factor is that quizzes give you guaranteed results and create interest in users to share those results with others. 

All these factors open up prospects for marketing and that’s too for free. How?

User segmentation

When you prepare a questionnaire or opinion poll you can actually segment users depending on their interaction.

Getting customer insight

You get a quick insight what type of customers are interested in your product. Then accordingly, you can make changes to your marketing efforts to align with the customer interest.

More engagement

Engagement is perhaps the most valuable thing in interactive quizzes. Higher engagement means higher leads resulting in higher conversion, so businesses can tap on to it.

To get the most out of the above mentioned benefits, you need to design an interactive conversation that works on behalf of your company 24×7. And this is where chatbots or virtual assistants like Frontman come into the picture.

Lead capturing through virtual assistants

The lead generation method can be explained from an example. An insurance website has been using email and SMS campaigns for capturing leads but without any fruitful results. The company was having a tough time convincing the customers about the cost effectiveness of the insurance policies, despite customer attracting towards it. The company also lacked proper staff to reply to incoming queries.

Then the insurance company decided to use a chatbot building platform such as Frontman to create a questionnaire which basically interacts with the visitor. The company created ‘save money’ calculator using the chatbot and sends the link to social media or whoever is interested in the policy. Once the user interacts with the chatbot and completes the questionnaire, they will see the result which is actually the amount of money they would save. During the conversational quiz, the users were asked to provide their phone number and email address.

This idea proved to be productive as the conversational interface consistently supplied a series of leads for the insurance company. And the most interesting part was that the company didn’t have to go for huge investment.

How chatbot increased 20 percent revenue of the insurance company

The chatbot did three things for the insurance company. First, it caught the attention of the prospective customers and engaged with them. Secondly, after the customer starts conversation with the chatbot, it began to learn their problems and asked for contact information.

Lastly, the leads were further filtered out and given to the sales team to work upon, it made their task easy. All these resulted in higher conversation rates and an overall revenue increment of 20 percent.

It’s time to hop on interactive marketing

Typically, in every business customer goes through three stages; discovery, shortlisting and delivery. In the discovery phase the customer tells or exhibits his problem. In shortlisting face they realize they need some help and start searching for a product for solution. Finally, at the delivery stage you have the chance of on boarding the customer and convince him with the best user experience.

So, from start to finish line you need to adopt an interactive approach and win your customer. Chatbots are the only conversational marketing solution that works on the same principles. So, if you want to achieve higher conversation rates, it’s time to become conversational.

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