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Are Chatbots the Next Big Thing in Lead Generation & Live Customer Support

In the sales department, every minute counts. Businesses think they are working fast and efficiently, but the picture says something different. According to a report by InsideSales, more than 90 percent of companies do not respond to the lead within the recommended 5 minutes of time.

While one cannot call all the leads within 5 minutes of time, more delay could be the decisive factor either it would close the deal or say goodbye to the prospective buyer. This is where chatbots like Frontman can have effective use. How it automatically qualifies leads by decreasing lead response time, we will find in this story.

The Core issue – Lead response time

It doesn’t matter if the home or landing page of your website is witnessing millions of traffic. If the rate of conversion is slow, you are not doing justice to your business. If you are not responding to leads quickly, you are at the risk of losing them forever.

No matter if you are spending millions on driving traffic to your website where people buy your product. No matter if you are making use of typical marketing channels and campaigns to spread the word such as display, content syndication, SEM, social media, email, re-marketing, and more. But if you are not responding to the customer queries on time, you are losing a lot of business.

The Solution – Conversational marketing

So how can we enhance lead responses in business-to-business space? This can be done through automating the business-to-user interaction through chatbots like Frontman. It is built to approach the user in real time and nurture the lead by engaging with them in a conversational manner. 

This makes it easy for the sales team to work on the already generated lead, hence reduce waiting time and scaling business. How Frontman does it, let’s find out.

Take an example of a typical conversation between a user and the Frontman on a tyre merchandise website. The website has rich contextual information and the Frontman-built chatbot engages with the visitors to offer them specific information by retrieving it from the website. To initiate conversation the Frontman can begin with simple questions such as ‘Would you like to chat with sales department? ‘Are you just researching’? ‘Are you looking for tyres for passenger cars or SUVs’? Further, it can provide relevant links right in the chat window to help the customer find the specific tyre information quickly.

One can see here that the lead is still hot and it can have a huge impact on sales results. This simple interactive chat is a stepping stone to a deeper and relevant content used to connect the buyers with the sales department. 

The chatbots like Frontman can be tailored to ask email addresses of the visitors as not all of them come for buying, some of them just come for researching. After the conversation is finished, the chatbot can send them relevant content via email automatically and encourage them to buy.

Act quickly or lose the customer

Even though connecting with a potential customer is vital, it’s even more important to note that reducing lead response time can help fill the pipeline and open more sales opportunities. Taking on a conversational approach by deploying chatbots like Frontman, businesses can smartly turn website visitors into highly engaged leads that convert quickly.

If you want to see this in action, take Frontman for a spin and find out how fast you can really answer back to your hottest leads.

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