Post conference feedback through chatbot

How to Automate Post Conference Feedback Through a Chatbot

Carrying out a conference is a critical and tedious task. Especially when it comes to managing post conference feedback, it can be a little cumbersome as visitors don’t feel comfortable giving their opinion at the time of exit. But with the advent of chatbots or virtual assistants, this remains no longer a problem. We will find this in below story.

Why post conference audience feedback is necessary?

Did you deliver what your event promised? Does your audience look forward to another such event in future? These are some of the pinching questions that would haunt any event organizer. Feedback post conference is extremely necessary as it can successfully pave way for the next event. 

If the participants are talking about how well-organized your event was, this can prefigure or forecast their joining the next conference you would be organizing. Having installed an automated mechanism for instant feedback post conference can be critical in this situation. It can check the pulse of audience and help improve the next conference. So what can we do to automate this process? Keep reading.

How chatbot can collect feedback of the participants after the conference

Any company or organization will have a website for imminent conference or event, that’s pretty obvious. Placing a chatbot like Frontman on these websites can certainly be a smart move. Chatbots are accessible 24×7 and can also target specific audience via email or sms campaign. 

The quick tap and type dynamic conversational flow can make it easier for the visitor to give feedback. We will give you an example.

Imagine for the first time you are organizing a huge tech summit next month, expecting thousands of visitors to participate. You have done the best possible things to organize the event and please the members, but still worried about some shortcomings. So, you want user feedback to check everything was perfect or not. 

You install Frontman chatbot on your website. After the end of the conference, you send an automated email or sms containing the link to your website.

The moment the user log on to your website, the Frontman may automatically begin the conversation which starts like “Thanks for attending the Tech Summit, please choose from options what would like to do first ‘Provide Feedback or Certificate of Attendance’ Or you can also place CTA button which says like “Give Feedback” which will trigger targeted conversation on the click event powered by click to conversation feature provided by Frontman.

If the user selects ‘provide feedback’ the bot asks him to choose 3 options out of seven that he likes or dislikes the most. He selects ‘Venue location, Time Allocated for Discussions’ and Audio Video System’. Next the Frontman asks him about his overall experience by giving him options in the form of emoticons which indicate ratings from the ‘worst to best’. The user selects his option and indicates his overall rating of the conference. 

The bot can also ask his feedback for improvement like for example the user can write ‘He was disappointed with the venue location, it took him 2.5 hours to reach the destination’. And the bot replies ‘Thanks we have noted your suggestion, we will try to improve next time’

Similarly, the chatbot can also be used to inform the participants about the event such as detailed agenda with timings and the specific speaker who will be addressing in that particular time slot. 

Use a chatbot and organize a better event in future

Putting an automated mechanism on a website can help you improve digital communication and engagement post conference. With the expertise of chatbot, you can do a whole lot of things and tune your future events by getting user feedback.

With click to conversation like features, Frontman (Enterprise chatbot platform) can actually help event promoters put together a great show every-time. Moreover, the readymade templates can make your task super easy. Try it now and make your next event grander than the last.

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