Chatbot and Real-Time Marketing – How It Can Be Beneficial For Trading Companies

Today’s consumers have evolved to expect instant gratification. Whether we are browsing online shopping portals, scrolling through social media feeds or checking news, we anticipate immediacy and relevancy at the same time. And if something doesn’t meet our expectations, we move on to the next thing. 

Why it is important and how can we exploit this trend using technologies like chatbot, we will find in this story.

Why online businesses should adapt to changing user preferences?

Real time marketing is full of opportunities which can rocket launch a brand’s success within a short cycle. It is those kinds of marketing approach which are executed within seconds of user coming to the website. The future of online completely relies on what a user want in those critical moments of visiting website.

So, immediacy has become the new normal in this age. We need the necessary mechanism to determine consumer patterns in real time and boost our objectives. And this is where technology like chatbots comes into the picture. To know how it can be a real boon for online publishers and marketers, you have to keep scrolling down.

Directing readers to native content on your website using chatbot

Both super-responsive website and a technology that pick-up the signals of the user and present content accordingly in real time, is extremely important. Chatbots act as always ready virtual assistants which can capture user’s interest and suggest content as per their browsing preferences.

We will explain this with an example. Imagine you are running a major stock market company and deploy a chatbot on your website. As soon as the user comes searching for ‘stock market updates’ and start browsing for related content, the chatbot pops up automatically within few secs and ask the user what he is searching for.

The stock market chatbot can begin with the presenting the most trending options such as stock prices, corporate results and announcements, in real-time, of public companies that are listed on it. Similarly, if a user is going through the details of specific stock, the chatbot can pop up and suggest trading options to the user or subscribe for alerts.

You can capitalize more on this by making sure the user finds information on every single page of your website. And this is only possible through an advanced artificial intelligence solution which can keep an eagle’s eye on the browsing preferences of the user. Further, you can also onboard users by asking for their email in exchange of sending relevant content in the inbox.

Create a real time digital experience using chatbot

In today’s tight-noose competitive market, pre-programmed rules no longer work. Visitors expect an experience which is relevant to the passing moment. Anything less, and they will move elsewhere. When you know what your readers are seeing, it’s pretty easy to deliver the right content you can assure of.

Chatbots can be the perfect tool to foster the environment of urgency. If you want to stay on the top, combining your content strategy with chatbots can let you rule the market.

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