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How To Cut PPC Spend and Increase Conversion Rate Using Chatbot For Website Landing Page

As a pay-per-click (PPC) marketer, you are always haunted by your boss for reducing ad spend and increase conversion rate. There could be many reasons why PPC campaigns might not be working and many of them can be out of your control, but it’s not impossible to reduce PPC spends and simultaneously deriving exceptional results.

We will learn how to cut ad spend, make campaigns effective and optimize conversion rate in below story. But first, we will know what could be wrong with the PPC campaigns.

What could be going wrong with your PPC campaigns?

There are a few things that might be shrinking the PPC budget. You have launched your campaign keeping the best practices of the industry in mind but that does not mean you can become self-satisfied. The PPC campaign could fail to make a mark especially when you are introducing new product or services as you would be advertising to a whole bunch of people who are not completely aware of your company. 

The initial expenditures from Adwords and Facebook Ads will be high as well as your new campaign will kick-off with high cost-per-click (CPC) and low conversion rates. So what’s the fix? Keep scrolling below.

What strategy your PPC campaign needs?

It’s one thing to get people to click on a pay-per-click ad, but converting them once they land on the webpage is altogether a different thing. You need to mend different things to get things to work in your favour. Below are some of the strategies you need to review in order to get the most out of your PPC campaign:

Optimize your landing page experience

Ok, so you have been successful in driving an interested searcher to your website with a lot of promises including exceptional product or service. Good! But is your landing page interesting enough for the visitor to engage or interact with your business? Do not pay for visitors who are resulting in immediate bounce. You need to ensure that you have aligned your targeting, ad text and the landing page to convince the user to become a paying customer. And how would you do that?

We would like to explain this with an example. You will not be happy if you ask a cab driver to drop you at the airport and instead he drops you at the train station. Just exactly is the case with the PPC ads. Why anyone would waste money directing a searcher to a landing page which does not match his intentions? Visitors will only trust your website if the message and CTA (call to action) are closely aligned with the landing pages. Check your ad headlines as well as the headline 1 and 2 of your landing page so that you can better engage with the visitors.

Secondly, don’t fill your static landing pages with a plethora of information as it may confuse the visitor for the next step. Keep the landing page simple especially looking at the fact that the majority of the searchers today use mobile for browsing products, so the pages should be highly mobile optimized. 

Turn conversations into conversions

Even if you have mastered the art of creating highly optimized landing pages, it is hard to guarantee if visitors will stick to the website and turn into a prospective customer. So what should be done in this case? Here chatbots like Frontman come into the picture. These smart virtual assistant are programmed to drive conversion through engaging conversation once the visitor lands on the home page or the intended product page. 

Frontman is a wonderful solution for boosting visitor engagement as against static landing pages and those boring forms that pops up on the face. It interacts with the visitors in a human-like manner and informs them about your product and services. To further align the PPC campaign with the Frontman you can add a catchy welcome text and engaging conversational flows that are unique to that specific campaign.

Whenever a visitor lands on the webpage, the Frontman can ask a series of specific question related to your business. These will be of course, pre-programmed (not literally) questions that will provoke a response from the visitor and these responses will give your company valuable information about the customer and his intentions about the product. For example, a person lands on a website searching for ‘Holiday package for Goa’ on Google, the Frontman can interact with him, ask him about his details and plan and show him the best available packages for Goa.

This is how a visitor is converted into a payable customer.

Review your analytics

If you are failing to add negative keywords and placements frequently, it could be as damaging and costly as using all broad-matching keywords in your paid search strategy. If you have a paid search strategy that relies heavily on broad match keywords there are chances you can save a large chunk of your budget. The broad matching keywords offer ad platforms the authority to display ads for search term which are close to your keywords including misspellings, synonyms and other variations.

Secondly, Frontman can also help you out in measuring the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Yes, a chatbot with the analytical capability and we call it an icing on the cake. Frontman with inbuilt analytical tools can check various parameters of a PPC campaign. It is not only capable of tracking the user sessions and total active and engaged users, but you can also set your goal tracking for segmentation and UTM for tracking user journey and custom campaign running on Facebook and Google. Further, you can A/B test to figure out the best conversational flow working for the user and send custom messages to increase customer engagement and hence, conversion.

All this analytical data can help you assess which components of your PPC strategy you can remove or amend without impacting the revenue.

Don’t just drive traffic, drive customers too

Driving tons of visitors on the website without any solid end-customer strategy is an exercise in futility. If you know how to reduce ad spend wisely, the PPC campaigns don’t have to be painful. So make sure you align all the elements including a highly-engaging landing page which is specially optimized for mobile, a virtual assistant or chatbot as well as a powerful analytical tool.

All this will definitely increase user experience and help you drive success at any given budget level. So, revise your strategy using Frontman and see how it impacts your marketing expenditure.

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