Turn promotional emails into conversation using chatbot

Want To Close Leads Faster? Turn Your Promotional Email into Conversation Using Chatbot

Let’s get straight to the point. You have tons of visitors coming on to your business website, you have their emails and now you want your sales team to follow up with the customer. Your sales or marketing team will bombard these people with promotional emails, which too often create unnecessary friction in the buying process.

And honestly, this creates terrible experience for the user and people have grown up hating this kind of tactic. So what’s the solution? In short, you have to conduct proactive interaction. Read below how you can do that by using Frontman.

Turn emails to conversations

Rule of the thumb is when marketers conduct real-time conversation with the potential leads, the conversion happens quickly and in turn, generates more revenue. With conversational agent like Frontman present on the website, the users can have personalized conversation without the interference of the sales representative.

This creates a seamless buying experience and reduces friction of the buying process. So, how can you do that using Frontman? Here is the method through which you can make the most out of your email marketing by offering the user dynamic links through which they can instantly start conversation and go smoothly through the sales funnel.

How it works?

Engaging conversation can cut the sales cycle and every email you send can drive personalized and real time conversation.

All you have to do is to send emails containing a dynamic link using Frontman. You can set the timings and all essentials. But what’s different in this email is that the moment a user clicks on the link given in the mail, it opens up the website where the Frontman instantly start engaging with the user and guides him through the sales funnel.

This personalised dialogue driven approach can help your business not only close the leads faster but also nurture long-term relationship with the customer. Further, in the age of digital marketing, conveying your message through a single marketing channel is not sufficient. Using Frontman, the same technique can be used for sending an SMS to the potential customer containing the dynamic link for starting an automated one-to-one conversation.

Further, a well-designed conversational interface has the potential to change the way brand interacts with the customer. Frontman is able to connect touch points across multiple channels including Google. Then if you want to track the customer journey, you can do this through UTM tracking and in-built analytics where all the successful engagement with the Frontman can be viewed.

The Crux

A faster buying experience is what the real need of the users today. Using the combination of Frontman and email marketing, you can scale personal and real-time conversations which not only delight your leads but also speed up the sales funnel.

So, unlike the popular prediction, email marketing is not dying, it’s growing. Start turning your emails into conversation today.

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