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Want Increase In Sales? You Can Do That Through Conversational Marketing

The way we all are communicating online is continuously changing. And in this tight-noose competitive tech world, the user preferences are also changing. They now expect more personalized treatment which is hardly provided by traditional form filling and follow-up later methodology.

But if there any strategy that offers the customers personalized value they are searching for, conversational marketing is the one that can save businesses time and resources. This is exactly we will find in this story, the real-life examples how chatbots like Frontman can turn the tables to your side.

Getting started

Conversational marketing in simple words is the use of chatbots or virtual assistants to foster genuine conversation and real customer relationship. The objective behind is to shorten the sale cycle and learn more about the customer through one-to-one approach and create better user experience.

Conversational marketing improves quality of leads since this strategy allow you to qualify predictions in a more casual manner before funneling them to the right workflows and eventually, conversion.

Don’t annoy the user right off the bat, Be smart

The aim of conversational marketing should always revolve around enhancing experience of the visitor while minimizing friction at the same time. We need to play smart here. For example, we have seen those annoying chatbot messengers on many websites which pops up as soon as the web page is loaded saying “How can I help you”?

This is really a crazy thing as I need to experience the website at least for a minute before I need any kind of help. If this is the case, then the purpose of websites is worthless. But we have designed Frontman in such a way that it waits for at least half a minute before popping up and poking the user.

There is even a better way to address this thing from a marketing point of view. We can trigger conversations that only come into action whenever certain conditions are met. For example, on a shopping website we can add a condition that if there is a returning user to a website, the chatbot will pop-up and ask him if he needs some assistance for product purchase.

Or when the chatbot sees that the user is visiting certain priority pages which the company wants to inform the user about, it can pop up automatically and offer him discounts on that particular product. A similar example of this can be that whenever a user clicks on a car model on an automobile website, the chatbot appears and offer video demo of the car model.

This can really work as the marketing is spot on.

Capture email while the user is browsing

There could be another instance where Frontman chatbot can be used to capture email address in exchange for free content such as brochure of car and accessories. For example on an auto website the visitor is browsing through the car model pages, it can be assumed that he would be interested or engaged with the products and services.

From these specific pages, we can ask the visitors if they want to receive brochures for the given model. And as the user is browsing through that particular model, it is likely that he would be giving his email address to get the relevant information about that car model.

Highly optimized for mobile users

Conversational marketing can be a much better experience for mobile users. And chatbots like Frontman are specially optimized for mobile as it’s really a painstaking journey to fill forms in mobiles which is nothing but ruining experience of the user and wasting significant leads.

Instead of traditional drop-down, checkboxes, etc. the conversational mode of filling the forms is better experienced in mobiles. You just need to quickly tap the menu options provided by the Frontman and complete the form in a more interactive and user-friendly manner. The app-like buttons just simplify the whole conversations.

Segment the leads

Conversational chatbots can smartly adjust the leads based on user input. For example, if a user is talking about finance, the Frontman can prompt the user to select from multiple options from car, bike, home or property. If the user is only interested in a car loan, it removes the other options and continues the conversation based on the initial intent of the user.

So this logic displaying based on his initial response makes the experience better and eventually, higher conversion rates.


It may seem like a huge feat to change your sales and marketing methodology in order to incorporate conversational marketing, but it’s easier than you think. With tools like Frontman, businesses are able to field hundreds and thousands of conversations a month that wouldn’t have happened before.

If you really want to experience this, all you need is to install Frontman on your website and see the magic of conversational marketing.

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