Scratching Your Head Too Much? Thinking About Engagement And Converting Users Digitally?

At some point of time we have all signed up or engaged in some type of product and service online. Be it is in the form of online guided forms, applications or talking to a customer support agent via live chat or phone. But how often that experience has been appealing? How often the process did not meet up your expectations and resulted in frustration and eventually abandonment with the brand?

This is the point of discussion in this story as to how do we improve visitor browsing experience and convert those visitors into valuable customers. With the development of chatbots, businesses have seen revolution in customer support and retention. Scroll down to know more.

Why visitor get stuck on websites?

People spend a lot of time and money to make sure their website is engaging and the users navigate through it without any fuss. But despite of all their efforts, they fail to offer fruitful and engaging experience to the visitors, no matter the traffic on the website.

Take an example of an e-commerce website. A visitor comes on the website and searches his desired product but goes through the hassles of filtering out the stuff he wants. Despite of how well the website is designed and how many products they sell, it can take a while to finally find out the desired product the visitor is looking. At often, there is lack of real time customer support which can ruin the whole experience and the user ends up in closing the window.

But with conversational interface, these hassles and monotony of going through all the process can be overcome. And this could only be possible through chatbots like frontman. These are virtual assistants that are deployed on the websites with different implementations to achieve the desired goal. By reducing time and effort and narrowing down what the user is looking for can really make a difference in getting potential customer onboard and prevent them from turning towards the competition.

So, how can frontman can be a life saver or an ideal choice for not only getting more and more users onboard but also converting them into valuable leads? Below three steps can help you find out the quality outlook and convert the visitors to become their potential clients.

Frontman as a navigational assistance

When it comes to prevent the visitor from getting lost on your website, frontman can be a great tool. It can not only educate the approaching visitors on different offerings of your product and services but also direct the user to a particular product page without wasting time in filtering out thousands of products and brands.

For example, a user comes to a healthcare website where he wants to book an appointment with a doctor. The user clicks on the frontman icon on the bottom left or bottom right of the home page and starts a conversation.

The user says ‘Hi I am looking for a gynaecologist in New Delhi’. The frontman asks just a few questions and navigate exactly to the page where the user finds the list of all the gynaecologists in New Delhi. No filtering out cities and the list of doctors belonging to different areas of expertise, just a few small conversations like we do in the messaging apps and the job is done.

And what is icing on the cake is that talking to the frontman is a 24×7 affair. Website navigation is just one benefit of having frontman, there is much more it can do to ease user discomfort.

Conversational interface with Frontman can increase engagement

Having a one to one conversation is a natural form of interaction between two people. The only difference here is that frontman is a virtual friend, supporter and companion which interact with the visitors just exactly like a real world conversation. It is less distracting to converse with frontman for instance, it does not direct visitors to supplementary pages that are not conversion-focused. It builds micro-trust with the visitors with each conversation. This exchange of information can make it easier to eventually get user information and get him onboard.

Take the example of the same healthcare website where a user converse with a healthbot made on the frontman platform. It asks a few questions to the user step by step and encourages him to book an appointment with a doctor. The conversation begins like:

Frontman — Hi, welcome to Please report your symptoms? (List your symptoms separated by comma like headache, fever, vomiting)

Visitor — sever headache, vomiting

Frontman — I am sorry to hear that. Can I know your good name? (If the visitor is a returning user than frontman would skip that question as it already know the name)

Visitor — My name is Prashant

Frontman — Alright Prashant.

Frontman —The doctor is available after 5pm today. Would you like to book an appointment?

Visitor — Yes, please!

Frontman — Can I know your phone number please? In case you forget I will remind you.

Visitor — 9988776655

Frontman — Done. I have fixed your appointment. You will shortly receive sms/email confirmation with appointment time. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. 

This steady exchange of information can take user engagement to a whole new level and eventually getting him onboard. Returning user would take less time as the frontman would skip a lot of questions related to personal information.

Frontman analytics enhances user experience

Frontman makes good use of user information. The amount of information it gets can be further utilized to gain more insights and tailor the conversation accordingly. The information enables your business to train the frontman more effectively and provide greater user experience.

Depending on your company’s marketing and sales campaigns, through Frontman you are able to collect key data points of your customer and track their purchasing pattern. This enables you to know which products or services they prefer the most and help you push out personalized content. This in turn, increases your user base and scale productivity.

For example, when Frontman interacts with a returning customer on an e-commerce website who had previously purchased shoes, can directly offer him shoes from various categories. This saves a lot of time of the user and drives more conversion.

Rebuild your customer trust with frontman

Cultivating connection with the user is what every business needs. Frontman can prove to be an effective tool to regain customers who can be lost in websites searching for information. It engages in a human-like fashion, increasing user experience and encouraging them to use your product and services or book appointments.

Last but not the least, leveraging the inbuilt analytics can provide deeper insights about the user and help you train your frontman to handle users according to their buying behaviours.

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